16 Free Things To Do for Theatre, Movie, and Book Lovers in London

St Martin-in-the-Fields

Despite its reputation as one of the most expensive cities to visit, London remains a tourist favorite for a lot of great reasons. And contrary to popular belief, not every experience worth having in the city comes with a price tag. Here are some of what theatre, movie, and book lovers visiting London can do for free.

Theatres, Movies, and Entertainment

1. Visit the National Threatre at 5.45pm (Monday-Saturday) to catch one of the free concerts and live performances

2. See the free exhibitions currently on display at the National Threatre

3. Walk along the National Threatre’s Sherling Backstage Walkway to see the prop-making, set construction, and other production activities

4. Head out to the Roxy Bar & Screen bar and cinema to watch some of the wide array of free movies it features in its screening room out at the back

5. Make a pit stop at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, take a peek or a photo of the iconic theatre. You can also browse through the wide array of items at the souvenir shop

6. Catch the free lunchtime concerts at St Martin-in-the-Fields every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 1.00pm

7. Watch the Royal Opera House free lunchtime recitals at the Swiss Church in Endell Street. Free tickets are available at a first come first serve basis so make sure to come early to get yours.

8. Visit the Westminster Abbey at 5.30pm to listen to the Abbey’s choir sing

9. Have fun watching the nightly free comedy shows at the Angel Comedy Club.

10. See a comedy act for free on a Tuesday night at the Top Secret Comedy Club.

11. Listen to the orators at the Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park

Books and Literature

12. Visit the world’s largest library that boasts of a vast collection of catalogued items. Explore its reading rooms and pick up a book for a bit of reading before you leave.

13. See the famous oak galleries and skylights not to mention the broad selection of books at Daunt Bookshop

14. Browse through the independent bookshops of Charing Cross Road

15. Push the luggage trolley and get your photo taken at the Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station. You can also take a look at the items available at the Harry Potter Shop.

16. Spend some time just enjoying “A Conversation with Oscar Wilde” as you take a moment to sit down, rest, and just watch people walk by

Planning To Watch Netflix All Day? Check Out These Snack Ideas!


Let’s face it.

When it comes to spending our free time, nothing beats idling on the couch and watching our favorite shows on Netflix all day – from classic romantic comedy shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. right up to today’s generation of scientific fiction shows like Altered Carbon and from timeless horror thrillers like Children of the Corn right up to today’s generation of historical drama shows like The Crown.

Those being said, it’s only right for you to check out these snack ideas if you’re planning to watch Netflix all day this coming weekend:


Marijuana-Infused Brownies

But no, it’s not for the reason that most of us would think about at first. You see, marijuana-infused brownies are perfect for when you’re doing something that you know would take you a long period of time before wanting or even needing to finish it such as that of watching Netflix all day – thanks to marijuana’s natural take on antioxidants that can help boost your energy like no other, no matter how long it may take you to finish what you’re doing. This way, you’ll spend more time enjoying the essence of each and every episode of your favorite show without worrying about you falling asleep and missing out on the important scenes that everyone else has been talking about for weeks.

P.S. And yes, this also goes for those who were able to source their own marijuana garden in their backyards. Neat, right?

Wine-Infused Fries

And no, it’s still not for the reason that most of us would feel about at first. Simply put, wine is everyone’s best friend when it comes to keeping ourselves healthy and fit from the inside and out with its own take of essential nutrients that one would normally just find on fruits and vegetables – and of course, along with you getting enough sleep and exercising religiously daily. But the best part of having anything with wine, especially with something everyone is also best friends with when it comes to keeping ourselves sane and going like fries? It’s you being able to keep yourself healthy and fit even if you’re just idling on the couch and watching Netflix all day.

P.P.S. And yes, this also goes for those who were able to source their own wine garden in their frontyards. Neat as well, right?

What about you?

Are you also planning to watch Netflix all day this coming weekend?

Do you have any other snack ideas for those who are just about to start doing so? Let us know in the comments below and together, let’s share it with others!


A Documentary Film About an Angle Grinder

Need a handy, versatile tool that can cut, grind, and polish? Get yourself an angle grinder! But before you do some angle grinding, watch this film narrated by Brooks Moore on how it’s made.

As one of the most useful tools on any job site, an angle grinder is made through the following steps:

  1. Blocks of pure aluminum are fired in a furnace to turn them into liquid form. The factory then casts the molten aluminum to produce gear housings.
  2. Next, a robot performs the transferring of one of the gear housings to a milling station. The same machine will retrieve a completed part.
  3. The doors of the milling station then close, then a computerized cutter equipped in the station will carve threads into the middle bearing seat to enhance the profile of the part.
  4. The rotor for the electric motor will then be made next. An automated system will push special cardboard end discs onto the rotor shaft. The right portion will then be equipped with end disks.
  5. The system will install a part called the “collector” on one end. The collector is made of copper and plastic. It is responsible for transmitting power to the rotor to make sure that the grinding or polishing attachments can turn.
  6. The right part has a collector installed. Next, the spinning wires wind the copper wire into grooves in the rotor at both ends. This wire will act as an electromagnet that will optimize the power output.
  7. The system will now insert covers into the slots in the rotor wall. This step will not only insulate the rotor, but also stabilize the copper coil.
  8. The spinning machines will then wrap copper wire around every half of the stator. The stator is in charge of creating the electromagnetic field around the rotor.
  9. A robot then joins the two halves of the stator in a fixture and welding makes the assembly permanent.
  10. Over to an injection molding machine, it now forms plastic into outer casings for the grinder. A robot will transfer the casing to a platform for printing.
  11. A stamp is assigned to add a silver ring to the embossed company logo, giving an improved visual appearance. angle-grinder-plastic housing
  12. An employee then slides the plastic housing over the stator and a pneumatic press machine fits the two together.
  13. The worker will then wire the on and off switch for the angle grinder. By this time, the gear housing has been equipped with the drive gear. He then installs the gear system on one end of the rotor and inserts the rotor assembly in the stator.
  14. An automated machine will screw everything together to finish the angle grinder motor.
  15. A nozzle will fill the gear head with grease, then an employee will place the spindle of the safety clutch on top of the gear head and then the mechanized system will screw it in place.
  16. The worker will wire the electrical plug to the angle grinder motor. He then encloses the electrical wiring using a plastic cover and locks the cover in position with screws using a metal template to help in the placement.
  17. The angle grinder, by now, is ready to undergo quality control tests.
  18. One test will depress the grinder’s switch while a computerized system examines the motor’s performance. If it passes all the tests, the angle grinder will now be ready to serve handymen like you.




Why CS:GO Crash Is the Real Deal

For those of you who aren’t aware of this straightforward, thrilling game, you better read on so you won’t get left behind!

What is it?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Crash is a simple game where you have to deposit your skins and trade it for virtual money, which you’ll use to gamble.


This game is relatively simple. All you have to do is place a bet before the start of a game and watch the multiplier increase from 1x. The multiplier counter will continue to go up until it “crashes.” If you’ve cashed out before the multiplier goes bust, then you win. If you were too late to cash out, you lose, and you won’t get anything.

If you want to begin playing, visit the so-called crash sites and start winning!


GamdomThere are various crash sites out there that offer tons of skins. Some sites don’t only offer crash; they also offer dice, roulette, and sweeper games, allowing you to enjoy even more for longer. Other sites even allow you to play Blackjack, Coinflip, and Jackpot. Others also have raffles, markups, mines, and marketplaces. Some even let you play without requiring you to deposit skins.

The Real Deal

csgocrash_gameWhat makes this game “the real deal” is the fact that it’s unpredictable. It’s so dicey it’s becoming more and more exciting. You’ll never know when the game will crash. I mean, it can be anytime! What could be more fun than that? The doubt, the fear, the kick, the waiting time, the triumph, the skins, the virtual currency—they all make game stimulating. It’s the adrenalin rush that makes it amusing, addicting, and still in-demand after all this time.

The entertainment attached to the game is probably the reason why thousands of people are gambling using skins. In March 2016, for instance, over 38 million people visited one site that offered the game. It goes without saying, CS:GO Crash will remain popular for a long time.


Learn more about CS:GO here

A BookWorm and Cat Lover’s Guide to Tokyo

Gotokuji Temple

Tokyo boasts of a lot of interesting attractions for bookworms and cat lovers. If you are looking for bookish spots to explore or a place to hang out and have coffee with cats, here are just some of the best places to go in the city.

Book and Bed Tokyo
Book and Bed is an accommodation bookshop with two branches in Tokyo – in Ikebukuro and Asakusa. If you have ever imagined getting stuck for the night at the library or bookstore, this place is a dream come true. You can cozy up in the common reading area or in your own sleeping space that is similar to the capsule hotel rooms you can find in Japan.

Cat Cafes
Japan may not be the birthplace of the cat-themed cafe concept, but it has certainly popularized it. All across the country, you will find a wide array of coffee shops where you can chill out with new-found feline friends. Some of the best cat cafes you can find in Tokyo are the Cat Cafe Asakusa Nekoen, Cat Cafe Kyariko Shinjuku, Cat Cafe Nekorobi (Toshima), Hapi Neko (Shibuya), Neko Maru Cafe (near Ueno Park), Nyafe Melange (Shibuya), and Temari no Ouchi (Musashino) among many others.

Gotokuji Temple
Located in a quiet part of Tokyo, the Gotokuji Temple is famous for its many Maneki Neko (beckoning cat doll) statues. The Maneki neko is believed to bring money and good fortune.

Also known as Tokyo’s book town, Jimbocho is home to over a hundred bookstores. Some of the district’s top bookish attractions include @Wonder (second-hand bookshop with cafe), Anegawa Book Store and Nyankodo (Little Meow Shop), Chiyoda Public Library, Komiyama Book Store, Paper Press Cafe, Sanseido bookstore, and the Kanda Used Book Festival in fall.

4 TED Talks for Theatre Lovers

If you like anything related to theatre, musicals, and other live performances on stage, here are some of the fascinating TED talks you need to be watching.

1. Ben Cameron: Why the live arts matter

“The arts, whatever they do, whenever they call us together, invite us to look at our fellow human being with generosity and curiosity.”

With a passion for live professional performing arts resonating in his talk, Ben Cameron takes a look into the role and importance of live arts in today’s hyper connected world.

David Binder: The arts festival revolution

“An artist, I think, can really show us people that we might overlook in our lives.”

Tony award winner and theater producer David Binder shares his experience seeing a performance in a small neighborhood in Sydney, Australia. He provides insights into how some of the neighborhood’s residents performed on their lawns and driveways that offers a fresh look at arts festival.

Handspring Puppet Company: The genius puppetry behind War Horse

“Puppets always have to try to be alive. It’s their kind of ur-story onstage, that desperation to live.”

The Handspring Puppet Company is a puppetry performance and design company. In this talk, founders Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones offers a glimpse into the group made of human and wooden or puppet actors.

Julie Taymor: Spider-Man, The Lion King and life on the creative edge

“Anybody who creates knows there’s that point where it hasn’t quite become the phoenix or the burnt char.”

Director Julie Taymor shares insights into a life that revolves around theatre and movies. She then talks about the process of capturing and creating unique stories and experiences from it.